Confluence 19 May 2021

Steve Clayton


Microsoft’s 5 P’s of storytelling

People, Place, Pictures, Personal and Platform – the ingredients of great storytelling

Steve Clayton is Microsoft’s Chief Storyteller and will share the lessons of building the storytelling practice at Microsoft. Attendees will get access to the “little red book” - Microsoft’s Art and Science of storytelling.

Steve Clayton Microsoft

Steve is Microsoft’s Chief Storyteller and General Manager of Microsoft’s Innovation, Culture and Stories team. The team is responsible for the company’s storytelling with a focus on employees, media, customers, partners and candidates – publishing Microsoft Stories and – as well as leading PR and producing keynote demos for Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, managing the corporate intranet and leading culture storytelling within the company.

Steve has worked at Microsoft since 1997 in a range of sales and technical roles - always with a passion for technology and its potential impact on the world.

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