Confluence 17–18 Nov 2021

A conference about the business of storytelling. Connect, learn, share, collaborate.

Learn something new.

The way we make and consume stories is changing. Explore new ideas and discover fresh opportunities for storytellers.

Running over two days on 17th and 18th November, from 2pm–6pm on both days.

We’ll be announcing our guest speakers shortly.

Tickets from the original date (19 May 2021) are still valid.

Connect & collaborate.

Thanks to the pandemic, Confluence will be running online this year. But that doesn’t mean just watching endless webinars. We’re going to provide new ways to mingle and meet other attendees, exchange ideas, and hopefully find collaborators for your next great project.

In previous years, we’ve featured an inspiring range of speakers talking about their work and ideas

Maja Thomas, Hachette Voice of the future
Dan Kieran, Unbound The surfboard
Sam Conniff Allende Be more pirate
Katie Vanneck-Smith, Tortoise Fixing content business models
Robert Elliot Smith AI and prejudice
Aki Schilz Digital literature in the age of social media
Hari Patience, Accenture We tell the stories
Tim Wright, National TV & Film School The internet of plants
Nosa Eke The democratisation of storytelling
Sam Delaney, 11-29 Media How to make a podcast
Sally Foote, Go Compare The stories your customers will tell you
Tom Chatfield Will machines take all the storytelling jobs?
Rianna Dearden, Charisma Adapting graphic novels for interactive
Jon Ingold, Inkle Procedural generation for humans
Yen Ooi, CreateThinkDo We’re being played: writing for games
Jonny Kaldor, Pugpig Killer content strategies
Emma Barnes, Consonance Make our book
David Mansfield Stories to influence business
Giulia Carla Rossi, British Library Collecting innovation
Maurice O’Connor, Vearsa Mastering the art of data
Kate Pullinger Ambient literature
Adipat Virdi The power of immersive storytelling
Duncan Clark, Flourish Truth and beauty
Jane Gauntlett The impact of storytelling
Guy Gadney, To Play For Chatbots in storytelling
Chris Bateman Narrative design
Anna Faherty Engaging museum audiences
Chris Meade, if:book Digital storytelling
Candide Kirk, Novellis Discoverability strategies
Justo Hidalgo Reading behaviour analysis
Dom Young, Axate Casual payments
Joe Reddington Book sprints
Kara Kandarakis, Triforce Virtual storytelling
Michael Bhaskar AI and storytelling
Jane Audas Museums & storytelling
Pete Noble Audio storytelling

Become a partner.

Confluence is an opportunity to present your brand to professional storytellers of all stripes. Get a virtual demo booth, sponsor a session, book in private meetings, or get in touch to find out other ways we can work together.

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About us.

Confluence is a project from Byte the Book, a membership organisation for anyone involved in publishing.