Confluence 17–18 Nov 2021

Dr Rachel Lawes


How to engage business audiences with stories

Getting paid to tell stories starts with getting business people to listen

If you can tell a good story, there are opportunities for you in marketing. There will always be room for creative people with good imaginations who can identify and tell stories about ordinary people and they way they use everyday goods and services. But there’s a caveat: business audiences have very specific needs. This session makes you aware of them, so that you can capture the attention of businesses and eventually get paid.

Dr Rachel Lawes

Dr Rachel Lawes is a social psychologist specializing in the interface between individuals and consumer culture. She has supplied brand strategy and consumer insight, using social psychology, semiotics and discourse analysis, to brands in 20 countries, mainly via Lawes Consulting Ltd (established in 2002).

Her academic career started with a PhD from Loughborough University’s internationally renowned Discourse and Rhetoric Group and recent academic positions include that of Principal Lecturer in Marketing at Regent’s University London. For 15 years she has convened the Advanced Qualitative Methods Masterclass for the Market Research Society in the UK.

Her extensive publishing history includes around 50 conference papers at the annual conferences of the Market Research Society, ESOMAR, IIEX, Qual360, the Social Research Association, QRCA (USA), AQR (UK), ASMRS (Australia), Social Intelligence World and many more. Her writing spans marketing industry trade journals, academic publishing in psychology and market research, and journalism. She is the author of some of the most well-known methods papers and case studies in semiotics, including ‘Demystifying semiotics’ (2002), ‘Futurology through semiotics’ (2009) and ‘Rebranding Charmin’ (2011).

She is recognized as one of the original founders of British commercial semiotics and is known for her engaging style and ability to make difficult concepts and theory accessible to non-academic audiences. Rachel is a Fellow of the Market Research Society.

Rachel’s new book, Using Semiotics in Marketing (2020) is the first book to set out a step-by-step course in semiotics for marketers. It is available worldwide from Amazon and Kogan Page.

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