Confluence 19 May 2021

David Merleau


Hear you are

Adventures in location-based storytelling media

In this session, award winning Canadian audio artist David Merleau discusses his GPS-triggered “forest radio theatre” app and the virtues of location-based media for global storytelling collaborations.

David Merleau

David is a locative media artist, a radio producer and a folklore storyteller. His location-based storytelling installations range from low-power “hyper-local” AM to GPS-triggered audio apps and he facilitates team-building audio-storytelling workshops in an effort to bring audio-skills to storytellers across Canada. He has toured Canada and Northeastern US sharing his unique interpretation of Northern Ontario folktales and his short audio documentaries have been aired on the CBC.

David’s collaborative location-based workshop, The Elephant Adventure, will be part of this year’s Urban Tree Festival in London UK, and last summer David was a guest lecturer in the department of Digital Humanities at King’s College London UK where he deconstructed the creation of his award-winning ecological radio-drama based GPS-triggered app called Forest Talk Radio. Find out more about his work at

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