Confluence 19 May 2021

Alastair Horne


A mixed bag of withholding

How smartphone storytelling works against our age of abundance

Smartphones are often seen as part of our growing culture of immediacy and overabundance, breaking down the barriers between desire and gratification and opening up whole new galaxies of content to explore. Yet many of the most interesting forms of smartphone storytelling have made use of new mobile technologies to withhold content from readers as well as to provide it. Join me to discover how mobile storytelling is confounding expectations to tell intriguing new – and sometimes maybe not-so-new – types of fictions.

Alastair Horne University of Stirling

Alastair Horne is a lecturer in publishing at the University of Stirling. He is currently writing up his doctoral thesis on how mobile phones are changing storytelling. He worked in publishing for more than a decade, most enjoyably as Innovations Manager at Cambridge University Press.

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