Confluence 17–18 Nov 2021

Julia Tyrrell


Writing for TV in a golden age

What do TV companies look for in writers? How has this changed recently? What writers need to know to succeed in this competitive world.

Julia Tyrrell

Julia Tyrrell is an independent Literary Agent representing writers for Theatre, Film and TV. She has a background in performing arts, having worked as a dancer after training at London Contemporary Dance School; she has been in love with the theatre since the age of four. She went on to work offstage, with Noel Gay Theatre, on West End productions and progressed within Noel Gay Organisation to become a writers’ agent with her own list. She then spent six years with talent and literary agency Hamilton Asper Management, before leaving to set up her own company in 2002. Julia Tyrrell Management specialises in a personal style of management representing established award-winning talent and exciting emerging voices.

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